Man cleaning kitchen holding a clock.

10 Minute Tidy

What is a 10 minute tidy? It’s a quick way to declutter your home and clean it up without feeling overwhelmed. I’m using the phrase 10-minute tidy because it reminds me of the 10-second tidy from a children’s program my …

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lettuce in the garden horizontal

How to Buy Plants with EBT

Did you know that you can buy plants with EBT? Well not all plants but the kinds that produce food. That’s because the food stamps SNAP program is all about helping low-income people eat. So, it’s food-centric. In fact, you …

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cleaner grill on the inside

How to Clean Your Grill

It’s a good idea to clean your grill on a regular basis. At the very least, you should either give it a good scrub down at the end of grilling season (such as in the fall) or when you’re ready …

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Pots of herbs with labels on them.

How to Start an Herb Garden

Are you dreaming of starting an herb garden so you can have fresh and delicious homegrown herbs? Read these top tips for first-time gardeners and prepare to harvest and use your herbs in no time. Benefits of Starting an Herb …

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vertical food garden featured image

Growing a Vertical Food Garden

Have you ever considered growing a vertical food garden? Do you even know what that means? Basically, with little to no backyard space, you can grow your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs. Read on how to do that. What is …

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Young woman opening inspecting dishwasher in modern gray, brown kitchen features cabinets with granite countertops and tile backsplash with stove oven

House Showing Checklist

When we were selling our home in New Jersey, there were a number of times when we needed a house showing checklist. Why? Because we were traveling, and our college-aged daughter was staying with our dogs while we were away. …

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Why I started the Selling and Buying a Home blog My name is Leah Ingram, and, together with my husband, I’ve bought and sold nine homes in the past 20 years and have put bids on many more properties. One …

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Selling and Buying a Home Real-life real estate advice, plus home decor, gardening and more. Welcome to the Selling and Buying a Home blog. My name is Leah Ingram, and, together with my husband, I’ve bought and sold eight homes …

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