Why I started the Selling and Buying a Home blog

My name is Leah Ingram, and, together with my husband, I’ve bought and sold nine homes in the past 20 years and have put bids on many more properties. One of those homes we bought we built new.

My husband and I are also DIY types. We’ve renovated nearly every home we’ve owned. This includes upgrading bathrooms, redoing a kitchen down to the studs, and painting a home, top to bottom.

In addition to my personal experience as a homeowner, I’m a writer that has covered real estate for national publications.

For more than a decade I wrote about celebrity real estate, home buying trends, money-saving tips for moving, curb appeal and more for NBC Universal and Parade Magazine.

Now I’m bringing my aspirational but authoritative and approachable take on selling and buying a home to my own blog. I’m going to share with you what works (and what doesn’t ) when selling a home as well as when you’re buying a home.

In addition, I’ll share tips about overall home ownership that I’ve learned over the years. This ranges from gardening advice to choosing paint colors to learning how to position rugs in a bedroom for a great design look.

Rather than telling you what you want to hear, I’m going to tell you what you need to hear if you want to get a good price on a home you’re selling or buying. Basically, I’m going to cut through the BS and give you real-life, attainable advice that’s applicable to both buyers and sellers.

Also, if there’s a topic I’ve missed, I want to hear from you. Leave a comment on a blog post and let me know.