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Hurricane Preparedness Hacks

Hurricane Preparedness Week has come and gone — it was in the spring — but this past year, even in the late summer, we were lining up our hacks to prepare for yet another hurricane. So, while we’ve been down …

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selling parents house after death featured image

Selling Parents House After Death

If you have sell a parent or relative’s house after they’ve died, then you should be prepared for quite an adventure. My husband and I went through this a few years ago when his great aunt died. She’d lived with …

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Man cleaning kitchen holding a clock.

10 Minute Tidy

What is a 10 minute tidy? It’s a quick way to declutter your home and clean it up without feeling overwhelmed. I’m using the phrase 10-minute tidy because it reminds me of the 10-second tidy from a children’s program my …

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Little African-American baby playing with detergents at home. Child in danger

Safety Tips in the Kitchen

When it comes to safety tips in the kitchen, there is more to it than just avoiding cutting yourself with a sharp knife or setting the place on fire. Yes, those are legitimate concerns. However, kitchen safety also includes the …

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Midcentury Modern Furniture

This article is all about Mid-century modern furniture that looks vintage and is vintage. However, in many cases, you can find contemporary versions. This allows you to decorate a mid-century modern home with appropriate furnishings. To start I review how …

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Meaning of the Honey Do List

I probably created my first honey do list as soon as my husband and I purchased our first home. I imagine it was to build a playset in the backyard so our daughters had a place to play. Not familiar …

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How to Buy Plants with EBT

Did you know that you can buy plants with EBT? Well not all plants but the kinds that produce food. That’s because the food stamps SNAP program is all about helping low-income people eat. So, it’s food-centric. In fact, you …

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