Home Air Filter Replacement

Anyone who has lived through wildfire smoke lately may be looking for home air filter replacement and subscription options or air purifiers to use in their homes. I get that. With the fires air quality is poor. This is outside, …

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dehumidifier in basement. horizontal

Water from the Dehumidifier

Is the water from the dehumidifier close to overflowing? You’re likely not alone. During summer, your dehumidifier may be working overtime. And if you live in a hot and humid climate year round, your dehumidifier may run year round, too. …

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carpet cleaning featured image

How Often to Clean Rugs

Do you know how often you should clean your rugs? Neglecting this important household chore can impact the appearance of your home as well as your health. Therefore, this article explores a number of factors related to keeping your carpets …

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Couple together watching outdoor movie in backyard

Backyard Movie Night Ideas

You can host a backyard movie night that will be remembered for years to come with these tips. For instance, when thinking of creative summer activities for kids, you can add an outdoor movie with friends to the list. Or …

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Man cleaning kitchen holding a clock.

10 Minute Tidy

What is a 10 minute tidy? It’s a quick way to declutter your home and clean it up without feeling overwhelmed. I’m using the phrase 10-minute tidy because it reminds me of the 10-second tidy from a children’s program my …

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Pots of herbs with labels on them.

How to Start an Herb Garden

Are you dreaming of starting an herb garden so you can have fresh and delicious homegrown herbs? Read these top tips for first-time gardeners and prepare to harvest and use your herbs in no time. Benefits of Starting an Herb …

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welcome mat in front of new home

Summer Real Estate Tips

This blog post focuses on summer real estate tips. Why summer? Well, for a few reasons. One, each real estate season is unique. That means that winter real estate is different from spring real estate, which is different from summer …

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vertical food garden featured image

Growing a Vertical Food Garden

Have you ever considered growing a vertical food garden? Do you even know what that means? Basically, with little to no backyard space, you can grow your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs. Read on how to do that. What is …

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