plant in bathroom

Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture

Did you know there are plants that absorb moisture? People usually put them in bathrooms to help keep the humidity down.  It’s something I’m considering for my home. You see, moisture is a problem in our upstairs bathroom. It shouldn’t …

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refinishing a fireplace before and after

Refinishing a Fireplace

When Bill and I started our home renovation, we knew that one of the projects we wanted to do was refinishing the fireplace in the dining room. It was painted white with a sky-blue mantle. Bill hates painted brick. I …

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samplize paint sample on wall

Samplize Paint Samples

I’ve mentioned using Samplize paint samples in a couple of my articles. This includes colors to paint your home before selling as well as what is greige color. Fun fact: we painted our house greige before selling it, thus the …

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