Home Air Filter Replacement

Anyone who has lived through wildfire smoke lately may be looking for home air filter replacement and subscription options or air purifiers to use in their homes. I get that. With the fires air quality is poor. This is outside, …

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dehumidifier in basement. horizontal

Water from the Dehumidifier

Is the water from the dehumidifier close to overflowing? You’re likely not alone. During summer, your dehumidifier may be working overtime. And if you live in a hot and humid climate year round, your dehumidifier may run year round, too. …

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white kitchen cabinets presidents residence

How Long Do Home Appliances Last

I never thought about how long appliances last until we moved into our second home. There, we found a kitchen straight out of the 1970s — complete with harvest gold and brown appliances. In fact, the refrigerator was almost as …

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quartz countertops featured image

How to Clean Quartz Countertops

When we renovated the kitchen in our first home, we replaced laminate with quartz countertops. Suddenly, I needed to relearn how to clean up after cooking. You see, there are cleaning methods that can sabotage your quartz countertops. It’s the …

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plant in bathroom

Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture

Did you know there are plants that absorb moisture? People usually put them in bathrooms to help keep the humidity down.  It’s something I’m considering for my home. You see, moisture is a problem in our upstairs bathroom. It shouldn’t …

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refinishing a fireplace before and after

Refinishing a Fireplace

When Bill and I started our home renovation, we knew that one of the projects we wanted to do was refinishing the fireplace in the dining room. It was painted white with a sky-blue mantle. Bill hates painted brick. I …

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