welcome mat in front of new home

Summer Real Estate Tips

This blog post focuses on summer real estate tips. Why summer? Well, for a few reasons. One, each real estate season is unique. That means that winter real estate is different from spring real estate, which is different from summer …

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casper mattresses at costco horizontal

Do You Need a New Mattress

How do you know it’s time to buy a new mattress? There are a couple of things to think about. One, how do you feel when you wake up? Two, what does your mattress look like when you observe its …

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lawn and grass care

Lawn and Grass Care 101

You might think you know everything you need to know about lawn and grass care. However, I’m betting that some of the advice I’ll offer in this article will be new to you. And why am I writing this article …

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santa claus cleaning in winter

Winter Cleaning Tips

You may think about deep cleaning the house in spring only, but winter cleaning is important, too. And I’m not just talking about vacuuming or dusting. Something you may not have considered is how the colder months affect how clean …

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bamboo flooring in dining room lumber liquidators

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

When my husband and I were looking to replace the floors in our house, we hadn’t even considered that you could use bamboo as a hardwood flooring.  I always thought that flooring had to be wood-wood–you know, from trees. However, …

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