selling parents house after death featured image

Selling Parents House After Death

If you have sell a parent or relative’s house after they’ve died, then you should be prepared for quite an adventure. My husband and I went through this a few years ago when his great aunt died. She’d lived with …

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Man cleaning kitchen holding a clock.

10 Minute Tidy

What is a 10 minute tidy? It’s a quick way to declutter your home and clean it up without feeling overwhelmed. I’m using the phrase 10-minute tidy because it reminds me of the 10-second tidy from a children’s program my …

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cleaner grill on the inside

How to Clean Your Grill

It’s a good idea to clean your grill on a regular basis. At the very least, you should either give it a good scrub down at the end of grilling season (such as in the fall) or when you’re ready …

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carpet cleaning featured image

How Often to Clean Rugs

Do you know how often you should clean your rugs? Neglecting this important household chore can impact the appearance of your home as well as your health. Therefore, this article explores a number of factors related to keeping your carpets …

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