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How to Buy Plants with EBT

Did you know that you can buy plants with EBT? Well not all plants but the kinds that produce food. That’s because the food stamps SNAP program is all about helping low-income people eat. So, it’s food-centric. In fact, you …

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Pots of herbs with labels on them.

How to Start an Herb Garden

Are you dreaming of starting an herb garden so you can have fresh and delicious homegrown herbs? Read these top tips for first-time gardeners and prepare to harvest and use your herbs in no time. Benefits of Starting an Herb …

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Growing a Vertical Food Garden

Have you ever considered growing a vertical food garden? Do you even know what that means? Basically, with little to no backyard space, you can grow your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs. Read on how to do that. What is …

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