Samplize Paint Samples

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I’ve mentioned using Samplize paint samples in a couple of my articles. This includes colors to paint your home before selling as well as what is greige color. Fun fact: we painted our house greige before selling it, thus the inspiration for those two articles.

However, I realized that I never really explained what Samplize is. Also, I didn’t lay out how their unique paint samples work. Or how you could use them before investing in pricey cans of paint. So that’s why I decided to write this article.

What are Samplize paint samples

Samplize sends you 9 inch by 14.75 inch “sticky notes” of various paint colors. So, calling them paint samples is a bit of a misnomer. You’re not painting anything.

However, rather than taping up those postage stamp-size paint tabs that you can get in a paint store, you can use the Samplize samples in a big area on your walls. This can help give you a better sense of how great (or awful) a paint color will look in that room.

According to the company, there’s another benefit to using their peel-and-stick paint samples: they really include the paint you’re considering. Here is how Samplize explains it:

“Unlike paint color chips that are considered a ‘close match,’ our samples have two coats of the actual paint from the brand, providing you with 100% color accuracy.”

In addition to making samples with two coats of real paint, all of the Samplize samples come in an eggshell finish. I find that helpful since eggshell tends to reflect light better than, say, a flat finish, which I use on ceilings only.

Samplize paint company partners

Currently, Samplize has paint samples from four paint companies:

  1. PPG
  2. Benjamin Moore
  3. Sherwin Williams
  4. Farrow and Ball

We’re thinking of painting our bedroom soon, and I’d love to go with greige again. However, I cannot remember which Sherwin Williams greige we used before.

This was for our house in New Jersey, which we sold in 2018. At that time we’d hired painters to do the job since we needed the whole interior of the house painted.

All I know is that they preferred Sherwin Williams paint. Because I was uncertain of which greige they’d actually used, I ordered three different greige samples from Samplize. These are Sherwin Williams peel and stick paint samples.

This will help me determine which one I like the best or jog my memory to remember which color we’d used before. Or at least I hope that it will.

This article explains which national retailers sell Benjamin Moore paint.

Indoor paint versus outdoor paint

Right now, Samplize peel and stick paint samples are designed for interior paint selections only. They can adhere to any interior wall, including those uneven or textured surfaces.

In addition, they are moveable and reusable. So you can remove them from one room and then apply them to a wall in another room.

Here are tips on creating a black accent wall.

Samplize cost

Those paint sample chips you can get at the paint store, hardware store or your favorite home improvement retailer are always free. My daughters loved to “collect” them when they were little.

However, Samplize is not free. You’ll pay $5.95 for each sticky note of color.

Right now Samplize has a deal where you can get 10 paint samples for the price of 8. That is, you’ll get 20% off 10 paint samples when adding to your cart–no coupon code necessary.

Here’s a promo coupon code for first time customers: you can save $5 on your first order by entering discount code FIRSTFIVE at checkout.

Remember, that’s way cheaper than buying a small can of custom-mixed paint to test on the walls. Also, you don’t have to paint anything with Samplize. So, it’s a lot neater.

In addition, Samplize sends these paint samples via overnight shipping. So, if you’re stuck on colors and you need to make a decision fast, you won’t have to wait a long time to get your Samplize order.

Finally, keep in mind that Samplize is selling you peel and stick samples. They do not sell paint.

This gives you the freedom to buy from your favorite paint retailer when you’re ready to get out the rollers and paint your walls.

Where to buy Samplize paint samples

Of course, you can shop on the Samplize online store, which is 100% legit. But in researching this article, I discovered that Lowe’s sells Samplize peel and stick paint samples.

Not only could I get the brands mentioned earlier, including HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, but also Valspar, the Lowe’s paint brand. I hadn’t realized Samplize offered this brand, too, albeit through Lowe’s.

And get this: at least with the Lowe’s near me, I could buy online at Lowe’s and then do a drive-up, pick up the same day. That Lowe’s store had 184 Samplize colors to choose from.

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